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In May of 1917 our greatest ever boxer, Les Darcy, died in Memphis Tennessee aged 21. My hour long documentary, Les Darcy The Maitland Wonder, produced by famous Australian film producer Tony Buckley AM, has been re-released on DVD and is available though this website. It contains original footage of his fights and the true story of his remarkable, though short life. It would be a wonderful Christmas gift, paticularly for older folk who grew up hearing so much about him.

Also still available are a few copies of my latest book, Australia's Forgotten Heroes, sub-titled The Southpaw, The Diva And The Diggers. For either the DVD or book send me an email: fabfenton@gmail.com and I can get your postage details and payment organised.

The Southpaw, The Diva And The Diggers concerns two immensely popular Australian champions who performed during and just after WW2. The southpaw is Vic Patrick, Australia's light and welterweigh champion, the diva is Flight, a magnificent race mare, only the second to be elected to Racing's Hall of Fame. The Diggers were the finest fighting troops assembled, who gambled as well as they fought right across the world. Patrick was generally regared as Australia's greatest fighter since Les Darcy.

Of course I will sell signed copies through this website. Go to the Book Shop on this website or just email fabfenton@gmail.com for details.